Until the World War II Topola was crafts and trading centre and it was due to the development of craftsman and traders that it was proclaimed a town in 1882. And throughout their history until the World War II there was a constant rivalry between the towns of Topola and Natalinci. The town of Natalinci was always more progressive then the town of Topola. The village Natalinci, then a town, got its name by Queen Natalija the wife of King Milan Obrenović, so that rivalry is understandable, that is, the rivalry between the two royal dynasties Karadjordjević and Obrenović. Craftsman, innkeepers and traders were prosperous and divided in several guilds, and they showed that strength. During the 19thand 20thcentury craftsman and traders were that elite who was responsible for prosperity of their towns, as it was the case with Topola and Natalinci. Also, there are many important figures from the municipality of Topola. I will single out one, on this occasion, the Serbian Che Guevara, and that is Milan Blagojević, a man who was a craftsman in Natalinci. When he was young he went to town to work as a locksmith, but due to the fact that he was a part of the Communist party of Yugoslavia, he got the opportunity to go to Lenin school, school where the lecturers were the greatest ideologists of that time in Moscow, and he listened to lectures with famous Cana Babović and prominent officials of the Communist party. He learned Russian language, and right before 1936 he went to Red Army camp and attained a captain rank trained for guerrilla warfare. Through secret channels he was transferred in Spain and passed a training in Spanish Republican Army where he learned Spanish and became captain of the Spanish Republican Army. So, not the International brigade, but directly Spanish Republican Army. He participated and was shot several times, and for the courage and his performance in war, he was commended several times. Anyhow, Milan Blagojević is one of that prominent figures from Topola. He was also a friend of Djordje Andrejević Kun who was the creator of today’s coat of arms of Belgrade, who we know later became anacademic. They were great friends, and entire Kun’s equipment during the WWII was safeguarded by Milan Blagojević. Together they built a secret space inside his house where they kept entire equipment which he later used for his work after the war.
So, one such person, first of all international, and the village Natalinci where he came from, gave us a Serbian Che Guevara long before Argentina or Cuba.