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There is a story that goes around in these parts about the way the King’s wine cellar was built, and why it was built. The first cellar that existed in these parts was located in a small village Banja near here. There was a large number of vineyards here so people joined in the cooperative which was called Vineyard Cooperative Venčac. When King Alexander built the vineyards here, he drove, not he, his people drove the grape to the Cooperative. Once, there was a several kilometres long row of village carts with cows, horses, oxen going to the cooperative. King’s people wanted to go first, before others. The founders of the cooperative, people who worked there wouldn’t let them. He was a king, but there was a law, they told him to go back in the line and wait for his turn. Even if the grapes were from the royal vineyards, the king didn’t have the right to go before others. After that King Alexander decided to build his cellar, and in some way, for us this is a good thing. So, in a way we have a lot to show here. You know this is a place where history lives.