If he hadn’t been born in hard and difficult times, Karadjordje Petrović would have been known in Europe for wine and grapes, and not as a leader of Serbian uprising. The planting of vineyard on Oplenac hill is usually associated with King Peter, the Liberator and his son King Alexander. However, first vines on the hills of Oplenac were planted by Karadjordje. Journalist and politician Dragiša Lapčević in 1924, at the Society of Serbian Letters, present day Academy of Sciences and Arts, found two letters which on the 3rd of September 1808 Karadjordje sent to two addresses: one to the Russian general Rodofinkin, and the other letter to captain Šuljević from Herzegovina. He invites both of them to a vintage in Topola which should mean that Oplenac vintage was founded by Karadjordje in September 1808. In the afterwar period Oplenac vintage continues to exist as manifestation of touristic and economic character. At the same time the manifestation is the largest exhibition of Serbian culture, that is, folklore, folk songs and instruments. Oplenac vintage initiated by Karadjordje found its place in some poems as well, and the most famous one was “Fair in Topola” written by Dobrica Erić.