We are now in a church, according to the stories the endowment of despot Stefan Lazarević, even though there are no official records about this. The church is mentioned in official records for the first time in one Turkish population survey of 1528 when the population of village Gorovič was counted and a priest was found in this document. This means that there was a church, and a tax people of Gorovič paid based on the existence of the church and monastery around it which was around 150 akçes, tells us that at that time the church was alive and opened. Turks counted everything that could provide them profit in tax collection. Monasteries had their lands which were cultivated and based on that land, which was sometimes small sometimes big, depending on the monastery, Turks collected tax and people of Gorovič paid those 150 akçes for having their monastery and obtaining revenue out of it. Since then there was no data that the church was alive, up until the establishment of Austrian rule, upon the Austrian-Turkish war in 1717. After that the church most probably opened again. We can find first official data in 1735 when records of the churches in Šumadija were made, that is, in the part of Šumadija under Austrian ruling. The church was mentioned in this document. Responsible for making records came and the church was measured, and the inventory was made of all things in the church. As you can see the church is big in size considering the time of its construction. The church is 20m long and 8m wide, even though the measuring units were different at that time, but in meters this would be its size. From that time the church was working up until its closure. There is one arguable moment why the church was abandoned, again according to the stories, in this church Karadjordje was married with his wife Jelena and this was considered a heresy in the time of Miloš Obrenović and for that reason Miloš did not rebuild the church, and he rebuilt many churches across Serbia and built new ones as well. The problem arose when the church started to collapse. Many appeals, requests, complains were made because the church was collapsing, however Miloš did want to give money from the state treasury for the church to be rebuilt, and the people living the surrounding villages which were parishioners of this church managed in several attempts to rebuild it. All this lasted until 1850 when the church had to be abandoned because it was in danger of falling down, there was a danger of vault roof collapsing, and it fell after what the church was abandoned. And as you can see the church doesn’t have a roof now. In 1860 Miloš gave the order for the church to be abandoned and for the new one to be built in the village Žabari. Since then until now, the priest hasn’t been singing in this church, but the people still visit the church, which can be seen by some details, people come here on holy days to light a candle. Unfortunately, now there is a cemetery around the church. The people of Gorovič village are being buried around the very foundation of the church, so if some day comes a time for the church to be rebuilt and repaired, there will be problems to move those graves without major inconveniences for the villagers and others interested in this matter.