I am Ljilja Pavlović Dear, I have been living in Paris for 30 years.
I come to Topola at least once a year to visit old places and of course I know here a certain number of people, but some of them aren’t here any more, people that were here when I was a little girl.
People were much closer once, as everywhere perhaps. For example there was a theater in Topola made of people who lived here, people of different professions and they had theater performances for the rest of town people. It was a very lovely and interesting thing, this was around 1930.
My grandfather lived here when he was young and he had a shop here and he built this house which has a very interesting architecture, and it’s protected by the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments. I tried to renovate the house from the outside and inside also and evoke the atmosphere of that period.
My grandfather had a shop here where he sold shoes and opanci (traditional peasant shoes) which were very popular at that time in Šumadija region. The shop was built along with the house. He already had a shop in another part and after the construction of the house the shop was here up until WWII, and during the war I’m not even sure if he worked since he was in captivity, and after the war his shop was confiscated by the Government.