One of the famous persons in Radovljica was the street sweeper. He had a difficulty walking. Nevertheless his road was spotlessly clean. It has never been as clean again since. He had a large broom made of birch with which he laboriously swept the ground so that it left swathes on the road like when mowing the grass. When he reached the end of the road, he turned around and with equal strokes swept the other half. He quickly removed all the horse droppings. He swept the roads in the town centre and also those on the outskirts. He was out all day, not just the seven hours. His wife Mica was a maid at mistress Šivec’s. They had a son who was forced to go to the front under German command. Many returned but they waited for him in vain. They both died one after the other in just two or three days. Little Peter was conscientious, he also swept the place in front of the church where once he found a child’s golden ring which he immediately took to his parents. The road was very clean and he was especially meticulous during the holidays.