My name is Blaž Terèek and I have lived in Radovljica my whole life. My parents, well one of them also lives in Radovljica since birth. I used to live in Predtrg, but now I live in the square. I just love Radovljica, that’s why I stay here, because it is my favourite place; my favourite environment, my favourite surroundings for relaxation, for fun, where there are many cultural events and also other interesting things etc. There is development, the Town square is being renovated and the people are aware that we live in one of the most beautiful localities. I am a musician, a professional musician. I play in the Big Band of the national TV broadcasting company. My mentor was from Radovljica too. He was very famous, Andy Arnol, unfortunately he died. I am also endeavoring to give young people opportunities, that’s why we have formed a non-professional Big Band here. Our Society is based in Radovljica, we strive to advertise the culture, our kind of culture, to the young people, so it won’t die out like an old dinosaur. That’s why I am involved in arranging our Thursday Evenings’ events on Linhart Square. We invite all sorts of guests from Slovenia and also from abroad who perform various kinds of popular music. I am very pleased that so many people come to these concerts. Of course the concerts don’t have a set theme. They are being organised by the Tourist Society of Radovljica and the Institute for Tourism and Culture of Radovljica. I will say this; Radovljica is a place you must visit, for least once a month. Because each month we have various events which will suit everyone.